Bombproof your inner Zen

A quick way to
mastering calm within chaos


Your 氣 (Qi/Chi) might be depleted, imbalanced and/or blocked!

  • Have one or more ongoing health issues.
  • Always tired or get sick easily.
  • Have aches and pains that do not go away.
  • Too busy and/or too stressed.
  • Have self-confidence issues.
  • Have a pet with health issue or behavioral issue.
  • Enjoy a great life except for relationship, financial, career, or other challenges that seem to plague you and you don't know why...
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Did you know?
When your Qi is full, balanced, and flowing, all the issues go away! Qi not only addresses health issues, but also relationships, finances, career, and more!

People spend years trying to achieve the balance required, but you don’t have time or patience!? No problem!!

Bombproof Energy Meditation is for you!

About Bombproof Energy Meditation (BPEM)

Hi! I'm Chigusa Sansen, an Inner Zen Coach!

Did any of the items above resonate with you?

After spending over 20 years in corporate America, my life seemed outwardly successful, but deep inside, I was slowly withering away.

I dedicated countless years to exploring various self-development techniques, attending numerous workshops and even delving into what some might consider "woo-woo" spiritual teachings, investing a substantial amount of money along the way.

But then, I stumbled upon a pivotal insight that revealed the hidden path to attaining your ultimate inner Zen, without the need to spend endless hours.

And now, I'm here to share this life-changing secret with you!

  • What is Bombproof Energy Meditation (BPEM)?

    It is a unique experience that combines the power of energy healing, meditation, and self-acceptance to balance your Qi.

    Process is quite simple:
    • Get your mind still
    • Connect to the infinite power of universe
    • Repair your mind, body, spirit, and soul

    There are 3 levels of BPEM healing experiences:
    • Receive healing (I will do the healing for you)
    • Learn how to heal yourself
    • Remove triggers to bombproof your inner Zen through coaching
  • How is BPEM different from other types of Meditation?

    1. Simple - Still mind and getting out of your way is all it takes.
    2. Fast - You don't have to spend hours meditating to get the result you seek.
    3. Powerful - Since it uses the infinite power of the universe, it is very powerful even if you might not be a meditation guru.

    The experience varies depending on how much commitment you have for this self-healing process. People who are not committed to changing yourself to better your life might not get the result. Only you can heal and change yourself!

  • Why "bombproof"?

    You might already meditate, but can you keep that calmness throughout the day?

    This is where people fail with other types of meditation. The benefit of meditation is only temporary. It is good to make you feel better but isn’t enough to heal you and change your life for good…

  • What makes me uniquely qualified to teach you this meditation?

    I will share the energy healing methods that I applied and continue to apply successfully to advance my career, repaire relationships with family, turn a marriage on the brink of divorce to a unbreakable bond, and build trusting relationship with my dogs to improve success rate at agility competition, and more!

    Have you noticed that many self-development and spiritual teachers do not live the type of life you live in?

    Think of nuns and monks. They night be an expert in spiritual practice like meditation, but it is all theoretical (in their head). Do you think they'd survive a day in your shoes living the busy and crazy life? Working 40+ hours, taking care of family, dealing with your bosses, balancing all that with social life, and finding time to do what you are really passionate about?

    They fail to turn learnings into practical skills that you can relate to.

    I teach this meditation while working full time as a manager of a large corporation where I've worked for more than 20 years that I fully enjoy and am passionate about. And I still have time to enjoy sports of dog agility with my two German Shepherd sidekicks.

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I feel different inside and out and other people noticed that. They see I am different, more self-confident, and calm, and they told me that I radiate more happiness.
Both my private and work life was changing drastically that I was always feeling negative. I feel more positive now. This helped me release stress, so I became more generous which improved my communication with others. I can protect myself even when I am talking with someone who I do not get along well which reduced my stress.
I can recover from emotional outburst quicker.
I learned and now I can let go of negative thinking. I feel happier with my life.
I can now accept seemingly negative events with positive attitude and as a lesson for my growth.
I used to wear corset to support my back and shoulder pain. I am incredibly surprised that after the healing sessions, I no longer require to wear it!
サンプル 太郎


Please feel free to contact with question or request for an introductory session.
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Group BPEM Experience
  • $30 $40 / 60 min
Want to have a taste of what this unique meditation is like, so you can decide if this is the right thing for you to invest?
  • You will experience a short healing in a group setting and get your questions answered.
  • Roughly 60 minutes for both healing and Q&A.
  • Sign up here.
Intro to BPEM Session
  • $140 $240 / 1 Session
For those who want to learn and experience BPEM or for people seeking consultation before lessons.
  • You will experience a healing meditation in a private setting and get your questions answered.
  • Unlike the group meditation, we can work to address your specific issues and concerns.
  • Required consultation session prior to signing up to Lessons. 
  • Length of the session varies depending on the number of questions, etc. but roughly 45-60 minutes.
BPEM Lessons
For those who want to learn to do the BPEM yourself.
  • Fee and number of lessons depend on the individual's needs determined after the initial consultation session.
  • You will learn how to do the meditation yourself!
  • Recording of the lessons are provided at no extra charge so you can use them again and again.
  • Fully customized to meet your needs.
Animal Healing via Zoom
  • From $140
You have a sick animal? Is your animal acting up? Do you want to find out why and get them healed?
  • Please note that the exact fee would vary depending on the case.
  • Includes a single session of 30-60 minutes with opportunity to extend by 15 minutes increments ($40).
Animal Healing via Internet
  • From $80
You want your animal healed but too busy? No problem!

  • I can do this over the chat!
  • Please note that the exact fee would vary depending on the case.
  • I may recommend follow up sessions in case issue is too severe to be handled over the chat.
  • 販売価格
  • 1,000円
  • (税込み)
The following offerings are only available to those who has gone through the BPEM Lessons.
BPEM Private Coaching
  • $140 $240 / 60 min
For a solid bombproofing of your inner Zen. Continue your healing journey by deepening the knowledge and work through issues as they arise with private coaching.

Prepay options available:
  • Buy 5 sessions and get e-mail/text/chat support. (To be used within 3 months)
  • Buy 10 sessions and get one free and the e-mail/text/chat support. (To be used within 6 months)
Habit Breaking Healing
  • $240 / 10 Days 5 Days
Healing energy support for those who have strong habit/mental block that they are working through but needs extra power to do so.
  • Healing energy sent once daily for the duration of 10 days to support breaking the negative habit.
  • Must do the daily meditation yourself.
  • Support may get canceled without refund if I find out you are not doing your homework.
  • E-mail/text/chat support is included.
  • Can be extended in 5-day increments ($120 ea.).
  • You must have gone through at least one private coaching about the issue with me.
Energy Healing Support
  • $140 / 4 Days 2 Days
Energy healing support for those who have conditions that make it hard to do the daily meditation. E.g., illness, hospitalization, injury, going through changes (moving, job changes, etc.), sick family members (their permission required), sick animals, etc.
  • Healing energy sent once daily for the duration of 4 days to support you.
  • Must do the daily meditation yourself.
  • Support may get canceled without refund if I find out you are not doing your homework.
  • E-mail/text/chat support is included.
  • Can be extended in 2-day increments ($60 ea.).
  • You must have gone through at least one private coaching about the issue.
BPEM Group Coaching
(Not offered yet)
  • $60 $140 / 60 min
Once a month meditation and learning group to continue bombproofing your inner Zen.
  • Group healing meditation.
  • Q&A Opportunity to share your success and trial to get coaching.

NOTE: This service is not offered yet until enough people sign up.
Real Animal Communication
  • $80 $140 / 30 min
Your pets are constantly trying to tell you something that you need to hear. But they cannot talk to you so they express through behaviors you don't like or health issues.

It's about time you open up and have a real heart to heart conversation with your pets!
  • You must be willing to hear their side of the stories without making excuses.
  • Sessions can be extended by 15 minute increments ($30 ea.)
  • 販売価格
  • 1,000円
  • (税込み)
NOTE: The program is still under development and subject to change without notice. If the price and terms change after your payment, they will be honored.


Chigusa Sansen - BPEM Coach

I grew up in Japan shy and timid. My relatives didn't think I'd last a year when I moved to the USA. Here I am, 32 years later, I am not only surviving but thriving!

I now enjoy great health, a great marriage, fulfilling and rewarding career, and a hobby I enjoy with my furry babies.

It wasn't always like this... I credit my success to my insatiable curiosity which led me to explorer spirituality when things were falling apart in my life. That was almost 10 years ago.

Since then, I've used what I learned and applied it to all aspects of my life including my corporate America job, my marriage, training and competing in dog sports, healing family relationship, money issues, improving my health, and more!

I've gone through many trials and errors, using myself as "guinea pig" and I finally found my Inner Zen!

Learn from my mistakes so you can get there quicker!